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If you yearn to experience life with greater clarity and purpose but are unsure about your next steps, you have come to the right place.

I have the ability to connect with you on a spiritual level to help you let go of what prevents you from creative an abundant life or business you love, in alignment with your soul! I have designed a series of ALIVE life coaching & yoga programs for you to choose from.

Life Coaching

No matter what you want to change in life, the process is the same. I can help you navigate this process. Together we identify what matters most to you, what has been limiting you, and we design a personalized action plan to help you move forward. Most importantly, I keep you accountable for taking aligned action to stay on track.

Career, Work, Business
Improve career satisfaction Transition to a fulfilling career Start or grow your business Transform your money mindset.

People & Relationships
Find a soul mate Increase emotional intimacy Learn effective communication Cultivate support networks

Emotional & Physical Well-being
Eliminate worries, stress and anxiety Lose weight and gain energy Develop healthy habits

Personal Growth
Improve self-esteem and confidence Add more play, adventure, creativity to life Realize your true potential


Yoga poses are great to strengthen and relax the body, however there is a lot more to Yoga than that.

Derived from the Sankrit word 'yuj' which mean "to unite or integrate", yoga is a 5,000-year-old Indian body of knowledge. Yoga is all about harmonizing the body with the mind and breath through the means of various breathing exercises, yoga poses (asanas) and meditation. Enroll in our daily and weekly yoga programs

Spitritual Counselling

The inner journey is the most difficult and challenging undertaking that we can ever make. When most people start the spiritual journey, they make the mistake of using the ego ’s voice and limitations to guide themselves. But using the ego to seek transcendence is like asking a fish to describe what water is: it can ’t possibly know what it ’s really looking for. Without mature spiritual guidance, we easily get lost, deluded, confused and discouraged. Come to SS Evolve and get the right guidance.


Our Spiritual Retreats are aimed at raising self-awareness and personal growth by producing an ecstatically joyful connection to whatever you perceive your higher power to be. Using Yoga, meditation, sound healing, healthy eating and more, you will gain the balance you have been seeking. And the great news is that you ’ll be working with the best spiritual guides in different part of the world.

In fact, we ’re completely confident when we say that our practitioners are among the best you ’ll find anywhere in the world to provide the spiritual guidance that you need for personal growth. This caring group of gifted people is ready to help you find and remove the blocks that have been keeping you stuck in negative patterns, preventing you from experiencing the joy that comes from living out your life ’s purpose in gratitude and abundance. Your personal growth is very important to us. The healing touch and healing hands of our guides will allow you to move toward your goal of personal enlightenment and self-awareness.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a mental training practice that involves focusing your mind on your experiences (like your own emotions, thoughts, and sensations) in the present moment. ” It is simply the act of paying attention to whatever you are experiencing, as you experience it.” ” By choosing to turn your attention away from the everyday chatter of the mind and on to what your body is doing, you give the mind just enough to focus so that it can quiet down.” Come and learn the art of MINDFULNESS MEDITATION.

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